About Us

About Us


Who are we?

We are a distribution house but and passionate to serve the best IT solutions to our clients. You can get complete solution under one roof. Compute & Compile is one stop shop for all your personal and enterprise level computing needs.

We are serving as one of the best IT solution providers and distributors of reputed Multinational IT brands in our region to our valued customers and clients for the last 22 years. We believe in building long-term bonds and a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship with our customers and clients. 


Our Mission 

Our focus is on deepening and strengthening our bond with our existing and new customers by providing best quality products, value for money and uncompromised delivery of our services and support. 

We have a great list of our respected customers across the state and our neighboring states, they trust us and we deliver them the best. 

Our customers are our strength and we are committed to growing our relationship with them to the next level of productivity and satisfaction. 


Our Vision

We believe in creating a lasting relationship with our existing customers than selling a new customer every day. We are more interested in serving the existing client database and always interested in adding clients who are more interested in a long-term association.

We are very fortunate that we have a lot of clients who are associated with us for the last 22 years.


We deal in 


So currently we are working as a regional distributor for Multinational reputed brands like Brother, TVS Electronics, Netgear, Logitech, Posiflex, and Honeywell.

You can ask for anything in IT products, Hardware, and Licensed Softwares. We also deal with Computer Hardware products like Asus Laptops, Toshiba Hard drives, the Frontech range of products Numeric and APC UPS offline and online, HP monitors.

Along with this, we are providing best solutions for business enterprises big and small as Retail solution POS (Point of Sale systems and devices), Networking Hardware and devices as Routers, Switches, NAS, Firewalls, Wireless systems and any integrations as per your business’s computing requirement.



Along with providing world-class Branded IT products to our dealers, customers, and clients, we are providing multiple professional IT-based services to all our clients/customers/individuals.

We helping them to enhance their workmanship and productivity of their enterprises. We help them to run their businesses and enterprises uninterruptedly, smoothly and in the most proficient way. 

Our excellent and dedicated services are our core strength and a great help to all our valued customers and clients. Take a look at what we are offering to all our valued clients and customers. 

Ask anything you need in IT-based services and solutions, we will serve you the best in the most affordable and cost-effective way, you can rely on us as our existing 100’s of top enterprises and industries clients and customers across state and surroundings. 


Our Key Services 

  1. Office automation and integration of Systems and devices. 
  2. Turn Key projects and AMC’s.
  3. Deployment of Enterprise Level Advanced Technology Solutions.
  4. Surveillance and Security Solutions. 
  5. Troubleshooting & Repair Services. 


Why Choose us 

  1. If you are in search of a genuine solution provider of high repute who is equipped with excellent service support and deep knowledge of technology integration with various business activities.
  2. If you want to produce optimum results with all your IT infrastructure and integrated business activities to get best ROI on all your investment and workforce automation. 
  3. If you are looking for genuine products and services at very reasonable pricing and value for money.
  4. If you are looking for great consultancy for taking informed business decisions for your entreprise’s growing computing requirements in most productive and cost-effective ways. 
  5. If you want a friend and support system connected to your business who care for your growth and best implementation of technology to produce optimum results from your enterprises.


Our Achievements  & Awards 

In 2016 we received  Best Emerging Partner award from Brother

Other awards we received from reputed brands in recent years are

Sony,  Microtek scanners, Asus laptops, and motherboards